Next Generation Digital Wireless Intercom

By January 16, 2017News

Alongside our new HelixNet Digital Network Partyline intercom system, we are also upgrading our wireless intercom solutions with Clear-Com’s state-of-the-art FreeSpeak II digital wireless intercom.

FreeSpeak II is a feature-rich, highly scalable, modern wireless intercom system with pristine digital audio quality.

Some of the advantages of FreeSpeak II over traditional wireless intercom are:

  • Wireless coverage can be extended to any venue size or distance by deploying transceiver antennas via standard CAT5 cable
  • Beltpacks seamlessly transition through antenna zones
  • Automatic frequency coordination within the license-free DECT band – no coordination with wireless microphones or IFBs required
  • Rechargeable beltpack batteries that last all day (18+ hours)
  • Up to five audio routes per beltpack, including partyline and point-to-point options
  • All beltpack settings can be remotely managed and updated instantly
  • “Listen again” function to replay last 15 seconds of audio
  • Built-in LED flashlight
Channels Per Beltpack
Beltpacks Per Base Station
Hours Beltpack Battery Life